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Startup Secrets Sandbox

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At the Seed stage, the number one, most important thing in an investment opportunity is the team.
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At such an early stage, your product is likely to change, and your customer segment may shift, but one thing will remain constant: the founding team. Great founding teams navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and work relentlessly to figure out how to build a company.
But as a founder, what does it mean to be a “great?” At Underscore VC, we look for seven key qualities.

7 “A”s of Great Founders

But what if you haven’t had that experience yet? If you’re not already a proven entrepreneur, explain the experiences that have led to your business insight and convinced you to invest your time and career in your new company. If you’re wondering what you’re uniquely qualified for, take some inspiration from this article:

And continue on your journey of

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