Startup Secrets Sandbox
Startup Secrets Sandbox
EVALUATE the Solution

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How do you evaluate Gain / Pain ?

Break it down into Gains and Pains as well as Inertia and Risk.


What are your prospective customer’s expected gains—from their viewpoint?
What are their measures for success of using your product?
Keep asking them until they have fully explained what success look likes and how they would measure it.


Most entrepreneurs are so focused on the features they deliver, they forget to examine how hard it will be for customers to everything from find to adopt and use their product.
Startup Secret: Ask your potential customer all the reasons they would not buy your product.
Keep asking them until they have fully exhausted all their reasons.
Hint: Price is the easy one but likely the least important in the early stages.
Not only out of pocket expenses but also psychological pain
Inertia, Risk
This is likely the number one reason your initial prospects won’t buy. Ask them what it would take to be credible enough for them to work with you. Then figure out how to work around them, eg:
Perhaps initially on a design partnership
Or a pilot
Then a proof of concept

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