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About this Sandbox

👋 Hello and welcome to the Startup Secrets Sandbox, where you'll get early access to Startup Secrets content before it's released to our official programs with universities like Harvard, MIT and our Core community.
This Sandbox is a place where we are accumulating the RAW materials from a decade of work and beginning to develop and testing new Startup Secrets modules and materials. We welcome your feedback before the content is shared with our partners or integrated into released content on things like the site or in University programs or through partners such as TechStars.
Please note, the content here is constantly under development and is offered as a resource to help a broader set of innovators and entrepreneurs. It is a mix of historic and new content, often raw, incomplete and under construction, and will be evolving and changing constantly. However we will always focus on consistency and improving quality for the overall Startup Secrets program, so your comments are always welcome.
All content is offered under the license, so feel free to use it to your advantage under those terms.

If you have any suggestions for improving the content and making it more engaging, we would love to hear them in the comments.

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