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Customer Value Proposition

Create a product people will actually buy, or a service people need
One of the top reasons startups fail is surprisingly simple: The value proposition isn’t compelling enough to prompt a customer to buy. Maybe they have too many other competing priorities. Or the existing solutions, while imperfect, are “good enough.” Whatever the reason, the product doesn’t provide enough value to spark customer action and sustain a business.
Nailing your value proposition — an outline of the benefit you provide to whom, and how you do it uniquely well — can make or break your startup.

In this workshop, we will guide you through a series of frameworks to articulate and validate your value prop and ensure that it’s truly compelling to customers.
The workshop is broken into three modules:
Each one has frameworks to engage in “self discovery” on the particular venture, led by the workshop leader from a whiteboard or if online, from a form of this workbook.

Note that your Customer Value Proposition is part of creating a

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